Invite codes for presenters, staff, and general attendance are sent once a week while their sign-up periods are open. Therefore, you may not get a code immediately, but you should receive an email at the address you provided on the form within 7 days after you filled it out. The mail will be from staff (at) shininghearth (dot) net and with a subject beginning Welcome to Shining Hearth! If it's been more than 7 days, check your spam folder, especially if you have a Yahoo, Hotmail, or Outlook address. If you still can't find it, or you have some other problem like no longer having access to that email account, contact us at staff (at) shininghearth (dot) net.

The invite codes we use expire 7 days from the day they were created. If you didn't get to it in time, reply to the invitation email to let us know, and we can send you another one.


Last updated: 12/26/2023