At the divination panel, the last panel of the gather, Andros did a tarot reading using his Shadowscapes Deck for the Shining Hearth community. After some ruminations, here's the reading and commentary on the cards:

Photo of tarot spread

Page of Wands

The card depicting the past, the Page of Wands, depicts a bright, fiery woman playing her instrument, sending forth her song and attracting all who hear to bask in her radiance. She represents passion, creativity, and the spark of magick within us all. In the before time, in the long long ago, before Shining Hearth and before this pandemic, these things served to remind us that we are more than these meatsuits we roll out of bed at too-damn-early in the morning to go to work and survive; they served to remind us that we are fantastic beings, and we owe it to each other and ourselves to bring that spark forth, wherever we can. Shining Hearth was created, in part, as a way to us to gather and share our passion, our creativity, our magick with like-minded souls, to rekindle the hearth so we could all share its warmth. We may not embody all her aspects, but the Page of Wands serves as a reminder of what kept us going, and where, as we navigate the New Normal™, we want to end up.

King of Swords

The King of Swords sits his throne, a sword in his hand. Before him are two ravens flapping alive; behind him are the ghosts of ravens long dead. On the tip of his sword sits an owl, symbolic of wisdom in Western cultures. And before him lies a choice that requires wisdom -- which raven must live, and which must die? As we navigate a world and society emerging from the pandemic, we will have our own choices to make in service of ourselves, and we must ask ourselves what will serve us best in this new age. By "us" I don't mean society, your friends, your loved ones, and certainly not your bosses -- I mean you, in your fullest, truest, most magickal self. We must shed ourselves -- as much as we can -- of the other voices and thoughts colonizing our minds and ask us what we need to survive and thrive, and what is no longer serving us. The wisdom to do that will see us through the immediate future before us and these trying times.

Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles depicts a person playing an instrument, showering water and wealth on a small plant, causing it to thrive. The musician thinks they are the only ones putting forth any value in this situation, but that notion is belied by the plant, in turn, holding up the musician. None of us is an island; we all depend on each other for something, and these relationships make up the fabric of community. In the time ahead, these communities will be the things that get us through adversity, and we will all need to support each other. Thus, it is imperative upon all of us to hold to those communities which sustain us, and to help sustain them in turn. This isn't to say to give of yourself until you can't anymore; constant one-sided exchanges of energy are unsustainable and detrimental. Knowing where your limits lie, and when you need help, is as important as giving your energy where it is needed. Those skills will be critical in the future.