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I'm an elfae (or faelf, as I sometimes style myself) who Awoke in 2007 and has been hanging around the otherkin community since 2009. I was part of the Darkfang collective, and inherited the mostly defunct Darkfang Cabal forum. Besides my involvement in the otherkin community, I was also head of Operations for a small sci-fi and fantasy convention for several years in the 2000s, and I helped run a small makerspace in the early 2010s.

These days, I work in technical support at an obscure IT megacorp. When I'm not doing that, I spend most of my time streaming video games, playing tabletop RPGs, 3D printing widgets, or coaxing computing devices large and small into doing my bidding.


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I'm a sidhe-and-sometimes-dragon who has been kicking around in the otherkin community since 1998. I ran the now-defunct (or at least indefinite-hiatus) physical gather MythiCalia in California for four years between 2005-2010, organize the monthly San Francisco Bay Otherkin Meetup which has been running since 2011 (albeit online for the past several years due to the pandemic), and apparently I refuse to be put off from the idea of there being gathers. I work in a library where I force MARC data into submission.


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I am a two-legged pointy-eared critter of some variety, although the exact details are fuzzy. Elf is pretty much as close as I've found, but doesn't feel quite right with some kind of shifting nonsense going on, that often involves wings of the non-feathery variety. I've been lurking around the community for over two decades now, with occasional forays into *gasp* actually interacting with... people. In Real Lifeā„¢, I'm a software developer with a side of infosec. My brain makes a hobby out of fighting me, and I hate writing about myself.



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I am a Listari Elf and Storm Fae who has been around the community since 1999. In the last two decades, I have helped run many different entertainment groups in a variety of formats. Some of these groups include a regional renaissance faire and a Neo-Burlesque troupe. My hobbies mostly involve some form of performance based art - theater, dance, motion pictures, role playing games, etc. I also do side projects involving technology infrastructure. To pay the bills, I am the chief cat herder and designated adult for select public sector projects involving technology and technology accessories.

Staff Moderators


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I am a simple forest elf, and the creator of the Forestkind Discord server. While I can't pinpoint the exact moment of my awakening, I came across the term otherkin in the early 2000s - I instantly knew that it was a fit, and that there were others like me out in the world. While I tend to focus less on my identity as an 'otherkin' these days, I am still more or less active in the community and I am still very much living my best elven life in any way I can.



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'Sup! I'm a nonbinary trans man (he/him or they/them), disabled pagan, and somewhat lapsed witch, as well as a faery that strongly resembles a small humanoid luna moth, and less topically to this particular event, a reploid from the Mega Man X series. I mostly do digital art (name a type and you'll be correct: I've done 2D, I've done pixel art, I've animated, I've made a vtuber, I'm currently getting into Blender, I do not know when or how to stop, send help) and I also play too much FFXIV and Rimworld.

I find the current emphasis on microlabels and involuntaryness too confining, so I don't consider or refer to myself as Otherkin due to too much community baggage. 'Nonhuman' as an umbrella label suits me just fine for the time being.



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I've been exploring my elven inner self and how to work adulting since a bit before my Awakening in 1988. I've attended and hosted gatherings (Dancing the Endless Dream) in years past. I believe in an open mind armed with critical thinking sprinkled with magic. In mundania I write software so I can feed my two cats and keep up my computer and gaming habits.



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