The Ancient Forest: A guided tour of some Elf/Fae/Sidhe/Otherkind websites from the late 1990s through early 2000s

This page includes links to the top level of websites that were visited during the presentation plus some others there wasn't time to get to. Dates in parentheses are not the earliest date the website was online, but the date of the capture being linked to, for easy reference. I usually chose the oldest available for static pages and a more recent one that was still prior to 2005 for boards, but this is not universal.

Some general tips for browsing:
1. Try following webring links. (Webrings are a Good Idea in principle and I wish they hadn't gone away.)
2. Guestbooks can be interesting reading.
3. Images often were not captured, which means the lack of a background image makes some pages look blank at first. If this is the case, select the whole page (Ctrl+A) to highlight the text.
4. You can usually go forwards and sometimes backwards in time from the particular capture I used.

General and Personal Sites

Amanjaku's Campfire (2000)

Arhuaine's Glade (2002)

Casteglan (2001)

Coolavin's Forest (1999)

Tuatha De Danaan (2002)
Still contains a part called Coolavin's Forest, but the subsection on that called Faerie and the Sidhe doesn't have the same content as The Faeries on the earlier version. (2005)
Almost completely divorced from Otherkin stuff by this point.

The Crow's Nest (2001)

Darkwood Enchantments (2004)

thee Gothik Faerie Grove (2004)

Lair ov thee Wolfkitten (1999)

Thee Realm ov Shaharasai (1997)
Content warning for the stories; they are pretty weird and kinky and include things like giantesses and vore.

Rialian's Homepage (2000)
You may encounter internal links pointing to Rialian's older home on which don't resolve. Replacing with while keeping the rest of the URL the same often works.

Elves, Dragons, and Unicorns (1999)

Eyovah's Dragon Den (1999)
This is slightly off the "elfae-adjacent" topic, being a dragon's page, but his awakening story is interesting in that it reveals specific connections to certain other community members and their worlds (such as Alorya). This kind of "aha! I remember you!" thing was accepted more at face value then.

FAE: FAEborn and Astral Entities (2002)
Later a.k.a. the Foundation for Awakening & Enlightenment.

The Faerie Veil (2001)
Included because it was linked to by a couple of other pages in this tour. (Do pardon the "sexy cam girls" ad...) As you can see, this is not really "otherkind", but linking to any kind of faerie site as potentially relevant was common in the late 90s/early 00s.

The Gateway to Faerie (2001)

Immortals Playground (2002)
I'm not sure if this a palate cleanser or a palate wrecker... very 90s! And very, uh, in line with some of the rather grandiose stories about themselves some people had at the time.

Iseum of the Green World Articles (2001)

Kinships Magazine (, 2002)
I forget exactly what the source of the tagline "...people who exist anyway" was. It was sort of a "whether or not you believe them" but I don't remember the context. Anyway, this was a real paper letter-size magazine, sold in real bookstores, which I still have a few copies of hanging about someplace. (Barnes & Noble not having its own domain but being is a trip!)

Kinships Magazine (, 2002)

The Land of the Dark Elves (1999)

Lavendise - vale of the fae (, 1997)
Although this site talks about fae being "reminded of who they are", this site attracted a different crowd than "otherkin" exactly. This capture somehow breaks out of's timeline navigation.

Lavendise - vale of the fae (, 1999)
Try this capture to get the navigation back.

Lavendise - vale of the fae (, 2000)

Lavendise Newsletter
This date is out of scope (2010), but I wanted to point out there are a few old issues of TirNanOc from 1995 available at the end of the list.

Leinir's online home - Otherkin (2001)

Nalissi's Realm (ca. 2001)
Oocities is an "as was in 2009" archival site, but some of the pages 404 on (Compare this capture)

The Ragdoll's Shelf (2000)

ORC - the Otherkin Resource Center (2001)

Otherworld Adventure (1999)

Realms of Myst (2000)

The Shadowed Moor (2001)

Shadows of Annwyn (2003)

Sidhe in Aeternum (2001)

Sidhekin Of Annwyn (2003)

Sileniel's Grove (1998)
Unfortunately most of the subpages have not been captured, and the earliest capture of the Geocities version already redirects to this version on Wildmuse.

Silverleaf Clan (1999)
While I don't doubt there are libertarian elves, I have to admit this has me scratching my head a bit! Observe the motley collection of folkloric, fictional, RPG, and otherkin elves, pretty typical of the times.

TirNanOc (general page, 1999)

The Tower of Lanthinel (2001)

Valindë's Otherkin (1999)

The World of Thaleia (2001)
Similar to The Faerie Veil, you can see this is not really an otherkind site, but just a faerie site; yet got linked to by otherkin. (Also, wow. Amazon new and fresh in 1999.)

Wyndreamer's little pagelet (1998)

Still Extant in Different Form

The Eald of the Silver Elves (, 1999)

The Eald of the Silver Elves (, 2001)
Fairly similar content can still be found on their live website.

The Elenari (, 2001) (2001) (2001)

Lair of the Toxic Elf (ca. 2001)
Compare this 2001 Wayback capture which has some broken links.

The Lostkin Project (, 1999)
Live version is at (2001)

Forums and Similar

The Dark Vale (geocities, 2000)
Hey, AvatarSearch!

Sidhe in Aeternum's d a r k v a l e (eccentrix, 2001)

Elfinkind Digest (2001)

Enchanted Realms (2003)

FAE: FaeBorn & Astral Entities (2002) forums (2003)

Lair of the Hidden (2003)

Lair of the Hidden (2005)

Lavendise Fairy Chat (1999)

Lavendise Fairy Chat (2000)

Lavendise Faery Lands

Lavendise (individual Land) (1999)

Midnight's Voices (1999)

Other Haven (2004)

Otherkin Livejournal community (2001)
Still technically live (albeit closed since mid-2017), but anyone who does digging like this knows the value of an archive, and as you can see it was started in 2001. If you don't want to touch LJ with a bargepole, see the archived version on Dreamwidth.

Otherkin Resource Board (ORB) (2001)

Shadows of Annwyn (2004)

TirNanOc (e-list landing page, 1999)

UnSeelie Message Board (2001)


Dancing the Endless Dream (1999)

Dancing the Endless Dream (2000)

Kinsouth Swamp Gather
Cheating slightly here on the capture date (2006) as I think it might have been on a different domain previously, but I could not find it; the event itself goes back to 2002.

Kinvention North (2001)

Kinvention North (2003)

Walking the Thresholds (late 1999 page referring to upcoming 2000 event)

WtT Pennsylvania promo post to rec.arts.comics.elfquest (1997)

WtT Ohio promo post to (1998)