Workshop Materials

Handouts and similar that were used in presentations during the gathering, and a couple of audio recordings of meditations. As of April 8, 2021, everything is up!


The Ancient Forest

Sites that were visited plus some others there wasn't time to get to.

Divination Panel and/or Salon

The Tarot reading Andros did at the end of the salon.

Gate Exercise

Scripts of the original (un-adapted) exercise are available online in HTML or PDF format. The card deck can be purchased at the Portals Connect bookstore.

Group Discussion on Selected Writings from the Silver Elves

All handouts are in PDF format.

'Kin Mindfulness(ish) Meditation

This is now called the Realm of Refuge Meditation.

Downloads include the following:

The Otherkin Avatar Project

Link to blog post of the ritual and some background

Sanctuary Meditation

Download MP3 (16.3 MB)
Text of the script (PDF)