Code of Conduct



We started Shining Hearth Gathering with the goal of providing an open and welcoming environment for elfae-aligned (and -adjacent) beings of all stripes to enjoy presentations, fun activities, and each other's company. To further that goal and promote the safety and comfort of all participants, we request and require that all who attend the Gathering abide by this Code of Conduct.

When using the Shining Hearth Discord server, you also agree to abide by the Discord Community Guidelines.


We ask that you...


The following are not acceptable at Shining Hearth. You agree that you will not...


Age Policy

Shining Hearth is an 18+ server. The following are permitted, as long as it is in appropriate channels or contexts, within the limits of the Discord Community Guidelines:

Keep in mind "appropriate channels or contexts". Those who would prefer to avoid most "adult" content should generally be able to do so. Discussions of mature topics are allowed, but as a general rule, try to keep things to a level that would be appropriate for those around 16 years of age. If you are asked to stop using certain language or discussing a certain topic because you are making others uncomfortable, stop.



If you feel that someone's actions violate this Code of Conduct, please only report the situation by using Discord direct message to contact a Staff moderator or a member of the Shining Hearth Committee, or by sending an email to staff (at) shininghearth (dot) net.

Should an issue arise, staff will first attempt to communicate by direct message. For this reason, we strongly encourage all attendees to allow messages from Shining Hearth server members at least during our annual event so that staff can reach them privately if it becomes necessary. If a user's privacy settings prevent this, however, we may issue warnings publicly or proceed directly to higher penalties.

The following penalties may be imposed, depending on the severity and/or number of incidents:

  1. Warning
  2. Removal of specific messages or other content
  3. Muting (revoking typing/speaking permissions)
  4. Banning from the server, temporarily or permanently
  5. Referral to Discord Trust and Safety Team
  6. Referral to law enforcement

Please note that Shining Hearth staff will not involve themselves in outside disputes between attendees. Shining Hearth may not be used as a point of leverage nor a stage for arguments that originated outside the space under our control.

You may appeal an action taken against you by a staff moderator by contacting the Shining Hearth Committee. All decisions of the Committee are final.

We reserve the right to ban anyone who associates with or defends any harmful or hate group, including but not limited to: pedophiles/"MAPs", supremacists, or white nationalists.



Moderator: Volunteers with the Staff role in the server, charged with monitoring chat and other similar duties to ensure that all participants are following the Code of Conduct.

NSFW: "Not Safe For Work": content that would be prohibited or inappropriate to view while at work. Also known as "mature content" or "explicit content". Includes, but is not necessarily limited to: sexually explicit material, strong violence or gore, and content referring to potentially illegal activities such as drug possession or use.

Organizing Committee (Gathering Committee, Committee, we): The principal organizers of Shining Hearth with the Committee role in the server, and as named at the top of the Staff page.

Participant: Anyone involved or engaged with Shining Hearth in any capacity, including attendees, presenters, moderating staff, non-moderating staff, and the organizing committee.

Staff: Those responsible for Gathering operations, including both the organizing committee and the chat moderators (see Moderator above). (See the Staff page.)


Last updated: 10/03/2023