Is there an age limit?

Yes. Shining Hearth is an 18+ event. This is not because it will be all NSFW all the time, but to simplify administration by not having a separate adult "role" to manage and avoiding the liability of collecting copies of government-issued IDs to grant access to it. (97% of those who responded to our interest survey said they were 18+.)

How do you define "fae"? Do nature spirits, elementals, peris, nymphs, Menehune, etc. count?

We don't have a strict definition. If you consider yourself fae, it's close enough!

I'm not an Elf, Fae, Sidhe, or Tuatha De Danann. Can I come?

Yes. We don't ask what you are on the registration form, nor do we intend to deny anyone based on their 'kin-type, and there may be items on the schedule that could also appeal to a more general audience of otherkind. But we are trying to maintain a topic focus on the spectrum of elfae folk, so be aware that things may not necessarily be geared to your interests.

Are fictionkin and plurals allowed?

Yes. It doesn't matter to us if you're a fictional kind of elf or only one member of your system is fae. But see the above answer: elfae are our focus, so if that's not what you are, there may not be activities of interest to you.

I'm a psychological otherkin who is not into any spiritual or magical stuff. Can I come?

Yes, but we're trying for a certain magical vibe of the space, and both the programming and the crowd looks like leaning that way. Belief in past lives or whatever is definitely not required, but if you don't tend to magical/mystical ways at all, this event might not be your jam.

Do you need any help running this gathering?

We have all the staff we need at this time.

I'm interested in presenting or performing! How do I sign up for that?

As of February 16th we are not accepting more presentation proposals. However, if you would like to host a movie watch-along or game (such as on Jackbox or Tabletop Simulator), there will be a signup process available during the event.

Can I show my art / sell my wares / etc.?

Yes! We have a general art gallery channel to post visual artworks (and a separate channel for NSFW art); a bards' hall for music and writing; and a mythic market for links to personal shops, offers for goods or services for sale or trade, etc. No separate signup besides your general registration is required, and there is no "vendor fee".

How do I register?

Registration closed on February 23rd.

I registered, but I never got my link to the Discord server!

Contact us at staff (at) shininghearth (dot) net.


Last updated: 2/24/21