Workshop Materials

Here you will be able to find handouts and similar that were used in presentations during the gathering, audio recordings of meditations (when available), etc.

For resources from past events, see the archive.


The Realm of Refuge

Script (TXT, 11 KB)

Recordings are available with three different lengths of the longest pause after the line "I'll give you some time to explore yourself and this space, and to reacquaint yourself with your truest form" -- 7, 13, or 21 minutes.

Short version (MP3, 14.2 MB)
Medium version (MP3, 15.6 MB)
Long version (MP3, 17.5 MB)


Elvendrums Listen-along

Nerethel's Soundcloud has the albums The Dragon, Gateway to Faerie, and Wildly to the Night. You can find some lyrics on Wayback Machine captures of their website, which has long been offline.


Ruby Slippers

Debbie recommends the Silver Elves' Faerie, Fae and Otherkin Tribes: The Silver Elves' Guide for Finding Your Magical Kind and Kin as inspiration for finding your home and "people".


Sanctuary Meditation

No recording of this year's meditation is available yet as of April 9, but you can refer to the slightly different version recorded in 2021 in the archive (scroll to the bottom of the page).


Sustaining the Dreamself

Slides (PDF, 30 MB)


Otherkin and Religion

Slides (PDF, 310 KB)


SĂ­dhe Music and Story

Notes and Resources (PDF, 361 KB)


Demon Friends

Link to website about "demon bowls"


Using Stellar Timing for Holiday Cycles

Slides (PDF, 154 KB)


Post-event Tarot reading for the populace

Photo of the cards (JPG, 400 KB)
Reading (TXT, 3 KB)


Last updated: 4/09/2023