Privacy Policy


By using this website or the Shining Hearth Discord server, you consent to this privacy policy.

Contacting us

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us at staff (at) shininghearth (dot) net.

Changes to this policy

If this policy is changed, the changes will be posted on this page and we will update the date here. This policy was last modified on March 19, 2024.

What personal information we collect, and when we collect it

At the point we ask you to provide personal information, we will make clear to you what information we are asking for and why we are asking you to provide it.

If you choose to contact us via email, we will receive information such as your name and email address, and any information you choose to include in messages or their attachments.

When you sign up as a presenter or staff or register for general attendance, the Google form will require you to provide an email address.

How we use your personal information

The email address you provide when signing up for the newsletter will be used to send you occasional emails with information and updates about Shining Hearth, such as upcoming registration dates, posting of the event schedule, changes in policies, or if we are seeking information or feedback from those interested in the gathering.

The email address you provide when registering, depending on your role in the event, may be used: to send you an invitation to the Shining Hearth Discord server; to communicate with you regarding your registration; to send you information and updates about Shining Hearth; and/or for event administrative purposes, such as asking for a workshop description or sending you guidelines.

How long we retain information

Sign-up/registration forms: Individual responses to the forms will be retained until no later than April 30 following the event each year. Anonymous aggregate data (such as the percentage of respondents who chose a particular option) may be retained indefinitely and used to help plan future events.

Newsletter: Your email address will be retained on the mailing list until you either unsubscribe yourself, or we decide that there will be no further Shining Hearth events and delete the list. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time from the Newsletter page, and instructions for how to unsubscribe are also provided in the footer of each email we send.

Discord server: Message history may be retained indefinitely.

Email communications between you and Shining Hearth staff: Emails received and sent may be retained indefinitely.

Who may have access to your personal information

All four Committee admins (see Staff) may potentially see any personal information collected, because it is stored in places all four of us have access to. As of the last change date of this policy, these are the mailing list management area in our website control panel and a Google Drive folder that is access-restricted to the four of us. Currently, only Arethinn has access to the staff email account (staff at shininghearth dot net) and is able to see its messages.

We do not sell any personal information to anyone for any purpose, nor intentionally share with any other entities. However, when you fill out the Google forms we use or create and use a Discord account to participate on our server, additional personal information may be collected by those parties and used in accordance with their own privacy policies.

Encryption is encrypted over HTTPS with a certificate provided by Let's Encrypt.

Cookies, web beacons, and log files does not set any cookies for any purpose, nor is any other kind of tracking, logging, or counting performed that we have access to. (DreamHost is monitoring the total amount of data transfer we use, but site statistics are disabled in our website control panel.)


At the request of or with the consent of the presenter(s), presentations may be recorded. Text chat from Discord will not be included, but anything written in a text channel might be repeated or referred to by the presenter. If a presentation uses a Twitch stream, Jitsi room, or Zoom room, the chat on that service may be included in a recording. The voice component in a recording will normally be only the presenter, but this might differ depending on the format of the presentation; if you speak in a presentation that is being recorded, your voice may be included. When a presentation is being recorded, this will be announced at the start of the presentation and stated in the channel status.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) compliance

This website and the event it is associated with are directed at adults aged 18 and over. We do not provide any services for children under age 13 and do not knowingly collect any information from them. If you believe that your child may have provided information to us, please contact us immediately and we will make every reasonable effort to remove the information from our records.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance

To the best of our understanding, we do not meet the criteria for the CCPA to apply. However, we will make reasonable efforts to comply with its provisions: we have disclosed the data we collect; we do not sell the data of any user; and you may request that we delete any data we have collected.

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance

To the best of our understanding, we do not meet the criteria for the GDPR to apply. However, we will make reasonable efforts to comply with its provisions: you may request to receive a copy of the data we have collected; you may request that we transfer the data to you or to another party; you may request that we correct any information you believe is inaccurate; you may request that we delete your data; you may request that we stop processing your data; you may request that we immediately stop contacting you.

Third party privacy policies

When you fill out the Google forms we use, Google's privacy policy applies. When you create and use a Discord account to participate on our server, Discord's privacy policy applies. If you watch/join a stream or room from any of the following services, their privacy policies apply: Twitch -- Jitsi -- Zoom.

We do not have any relationship with Google, Discord, Twitch, Jitsi, or Zoom other than being users of their services.


Last updated: 3/19/2024